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Thomas Preece

Professional Programmer and Web Developer

I am an experienced multi-disciplinary freelance developer, specialising in projects for small businesses and the entertainment industry. I develop custom applications in Go and websites in WordPress, Jekyll and Hugo. I deliver a timely service on a realistic budget, and my clients particularly value my openness and regular detailed communication on all aspects of the project, as well as the consistently high quality of my work.

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Thomas had a very good understanding of the brief for our project and had great input in the planning stage. He was able to deliver in good time and at a quality that exceeded my expectations. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire him again or to recommend his services to others.
Max Eggeling, QuizQuizQuiz
The process has been as close to painless as we could possibly have wished for. Thomas was calm, considered, straightforward and helpful. Nothing was too much trouble and everything was completed on time and to our thorough satisfaction.
John Caudrey, Larger Than Life
Thomas is empowering and efficient, with a good creative eye for the kind of aesthetic we were after for our minisites. We always feel like we're in safe hands, and it's always very collaborative.
Max Aaron, Dreamology Pictures
Thomas was extremely prompt and detailed in his communication. He tackled tasks efficiently and thoroughly, often going above and beyond for our client. I always felt like I was in good hands, because Thomas is accountable and proactive. We will continue working with/recommending Thomas for future projects.
Erica Stenson, Mad Fish Digital

Preece Music

I play a variety of instruments and arrange classical and folk music for ukulele and ocarina solos and ensembles. My arrangements are all published under Creative Commons licences, and are available for pay-what-you-like download and as beautiful printed editions.

Uke Head #839

I upload performances of my arrangements to my YouTube channel, and I'm also taking part in James Hill's community album project Uke Heads.

Esperanto Music History

I'm a collector of Esperanto music on vinyl records, tapes and CDs. I started learning Esperanto in about 2005, and have been interested in music in the language ever since. I've been researching the history of various Esperanto albums and artists, and writing about it on my blog.

Mi estas kolektanto de Esperanto-muziko sur vinildisko, kasedo kaj k-disko. Mi esperantistiĝis ĉirkau la jaro 2005, kaj ekde tiam interesiĝas pri esperantlingva muziko. Mi esploras la historion de la diversaj esperantaj albumoj kaj artistoj, kai priblogas ĝin (en la angla).

Other Projects

I develop custom bots for Discord, Mastodon and Bluesky. My Discord bots are all specific to the individual communities I am a part of; my Mastodon bots are public. I undertake custom development for both platforms at a reasonable price – please contact me to discuss your requirements!

I was one of the founders of the Esperanto music radio station Muzaiko in 2011. I developed the station's format, and my voice can still be heard on their jingles, although I am no longer actively involved with the project.

I developed software for the Bother's Bar Suspect List hosted by Reality TV Warriors. The game was developed by Daniel Peake and allows fans of the TV game show Wie Is De Mol to compete on who they think the titular mole is.

I'm a keen amateur genealogist. More information about my family history can be found at my Preece Family History website.

For things that don't fit anywhere else, I have an irregularly-updated blog on this site.

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