Thomas Preece

Entertainment industry programmer and web developer

Bristol, UK

I am an experienced multi-disciplinary freelance developer, specialising in projects for the entertainment industry with a particular focus on quiz and game shows. My interest in the broadcast industry began in my university days, where I won gold Student Radio Award for Best Technical Achievement with a custom media-management application. Since then I've worked professionally in the broadcast software sector and in enterprise technical support, and I have been freelancing since 2015.

My broad experience enables me to select the best technologies for each project, and to be efficient in delivering timely service on a realistic budget. My clients particularly value my openness and regular detailed communication on all aspects of the project, as well as the consistently high quality of my work at all times.


  • Custom web application development
  • Cross-platform desktop applications (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Fully-custom or template-based websites
  • Turnkey hosting, or installation on your choice of server
  • Network of expert designers, writers and other specialists
  • Media, broadcast and stream engineering


  • Preferred language: Go
  • Proficient in PHP, Python, JavaScript and many others
  • Front-end development in HTML/CSS/jQuery
  • Websites with WordPress, Jekyll, Hugo
  • Source control with Git
  • MySQL, Postgres and SQLite databases
  • Integration with other APIs
  • Linux system administration

Professional Portfolio

Development of custom web applications to tie in with the popular TV quiz show.

In 2017 I developed a web application to receive users’ responses to a tie-in book’s “audition quiz” and provide feedback to the user and the book’s editors. Design assets from the TV show were used to provide a high-quality, consistent and immersive user experience.

I created a second application in 2020 to provide online Missing Vowels quizzes, with an editing facility for the question writers and automatic marking of users’ submissions.

Both projects were completed to tight deadlines – the former for the book’s release date, and the latter to get the site online briskly during the coronavirus lockdown.

Development of multiple custom web applications for QuizQuizQuiz, providing both public-facing online quizzes and internal functionality for live quiz events.

I have recently developed a large and fully-featured quiz database application, including the abilities to manage a large number of questions and create custom quizzes, automatically including relevant media content, as well as delivering online quiz answer sheets.

My previous work included an application for the free Friday Quiz in 2017, which I later extended with additional features in 2020, including support for a paid-for premium quiz. By integrating with standard mailing list and subscription services, I was able to deliver this on a rapid turnaround, while eliminating many of the risks involved with handling payments.

All of these projects have enabled QuizQuizQuiz to operate more efficiently and provide a better experience at their quiz events.

Thomas had a very good understanding of the brief for our project and had great input in the planning stage. He was able to deliver in good time and at a quality that exceeded my expectations. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire him again or to recommend his services to others.
Max Eggeling, QuizQuizQuiz

Development of a custom website in 2017 and a bespoke contract-management system in 2018 for a UK-based professional entertainment agency.

The website brief was to build a modern, highly-graphical website that reflects the client’s style, brand and range of available acts. A standard WordPress theme was used, which I extensively customised to meet their requirements with a rapid turnaround and within budget.

I further developed a fully-custom PHP application for managing client and artist contracts for entertainment events, which included automatic generation and emailing of PDF contracts.

The process has been as close to painless as we could possibly have wished for. Thomas was calm, considered, straightforward and helpful. Nothing was too much trouble and everything was completed on time and to our thorough satisfaction.
John Caudrey, Larger Than Life

Development and hosting of a number of mini-sites for independent film production company Dreamology Pictures, including for their comedy horror short film A Night In in 2020, and others yet to be released.

The sites are based around a custom standardized template, allowing me to quickly develop a site for each new Dreamology film, reflecting the values of the brand with a consistent style, whilst still being specific to each film. My workflow, using Jekyll, SASS, Git and Caddy, allows for rapid development and deployment, while being confident that the site is stable and secure.

Thomas is empowering and efficient, with a good creative eye for the kind of aesthetic we were after for our minisites. We always feel like we're in safe hands, and it's always very collaborative.
Max Aaron, Dreamology Pictures

Personal and Volunteer Projects

and open-source contributions

  • Coping Resources Website development for a voluntary project.
  • Preece Music My musical side project. I arrange classical and folk music for ukulele and ocarina.
  • Broadcast Using This Tool Contributed a dynamic range compressor and DSP patches.
  • Custom Discord bots Bots for communities I am a part of,
    written in Go.
  • Muzaiko Co-founder of the world's first Esperanto music radio station.
  • It's Game Night! Curated list of free online party games.

Contact Me

Thomas was extremely prompt and detailed in his communication. He tackled tasks efficiently and thoroughly, often going above and beyond for our client. I always felt like I was in good hands, because Thomas is accountable and proactive. We will continue working with/recommending Thomas for future projects.
Erica Stenson, Mad Fish Digital